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2010 News

12 November 2010

RFP: Executive Search Services

12 October 2010

A. Melissa Moye, Ph.D. Named Interim CIO of Maryland State Retirement and Pension System

06 October 2010

Trustee Election Slated for Summer 2011

05 October 2010

Chief Investment Officer Mansco Perry, III Leaving Maryland State Retirement and Pension System

10 September 2010

RFP for Agency Autonomy Cost/Benefits Study

27 August 2010

Press Release: MSRA Revises FY 2010 Earnings on Investments to 14.03%

21 July 2010

Press Release: MSRA Earns 14.05% on Investments in FY 2010

20 May 2010

RFP: Risk Assessment Services for Investments

07 May 2010

Press Release: MSRPS Hires New Real Estate Consultant, Rehires Private Equity Consultant

30 April 2010

Press Release: MSRPS Trust Grows More Than 20% in First Three Quarters of FY 2010

22 April 2010

Press Release: Agency Seeks to Add Four Senior Investment Analysts. Investment Division Will Expand 25% with New Hires.

14 April 2010
Press Release: Negative COLA Delayed One Year by Legislature
18 March 2010

The Maryland State Retirement Agency is experiencing a significantly increased volume of requests for retirement estimates. You can expect at least an eight week response time. The Agency is handling these in retirement date order. First priority is being given to retirement estimates with a July 1, 2010 or earlier effective date. Second priority is being given to retirement estimates with an August—December 2010 effective date.

FY10 State Furloughs and Retirement
10 March 2010
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