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Submitting Payroll

Each participating employer is required to certify and submit payroll information electronically at the end of each pay period, in accordance with Code of Maryland Regulations, (COMAR) When reporting payroll information, your data must be in our prescribed format. All employers access our secure website at for the transmission of payroll data.

All employers including those currently creating the payroll data through their own internal systems and submitting the payroll data through the Maryland State Retirement Agency’s (SRA) secure website are subject to the basic edit features ensuring that the data is in the right format and the increased business controls requiring that the employees’ contributions as reported in the "Employer Payroll Data" are in agreement to the "Cash Remittance" and the "Revenue Control Transmittal" (used to allocate the employees’ contributions cash remittance among the various systems of participation). Only upon the employer’s successful completion of the following required activities, will SRA personnel be able to access and process the employer’s submitted payroll data:

  1. Payroll Data with no "Errors"
  2. Cash Remittance
  3. Revenue Control Transmittal

In order to use the "EPDR" application, SRA must establish the employer’s personnel as authorized users. Prior to the start of each fiscal year, the employer’s pay schedule(s) and the contact information (contact person name, email, and phone #) of all the personnel who are authorized to perform the payroll reporting activities must be communicated to SRA. To prevent unauthorized access, prior fiscal year’s contact information will not be carried forward to the next fiscal year. SRA will update each fiscal year’s information to the "EPDR" database.

"EPDR" allows your Agency’s authorized users to simultaneously use the application in real time. The application includes various validations and error messaging features to aid users in navigating the screens and improving data integrity.

More information on using our secure website is available to authorized users online and by request. If you need additional assistance please contact SRA at the EPDR hotline number 410-625-5531.

The requirements for reporting payroll data are set forth in the Annotated Code of Maryland, State Personnel and Pensions Article, and Title 22 of COMAR. Please keep in mind the following:

  • The minimum standard hours for a position cannot be less than 30 hours per week for a teacher or ten month employee or 35 hours per week for a 12 month employee.
  • Do not report overtime hours worked or overtime pay earned in your payroll data submitted to SRA.
  • Do not report or take additional employee contributions on any bonus salary payments in your payroll data to SRA. (example: a one-time payment of a percentage of salary in lieu of a cost of living increase)
  • Do not report any payroll data for members not working during the summer months unless the member elects to receive wage payments during the summer.
  • Report members who elect to receive wages during the summer months as follows:
      • Hours Worked = 0 and Standard Hours = 0
      • Appropriate Pay Period Base Salary, Actual Annual Compensation, and Actual Earnable Compensation
      • Contributions due in accordance with your pay schedule
  • Report members that do not receive any pay during a pay period (i.e., leave without pay) as follows:
      • Contributions = 0
      • Hours Worked = 0
      • Standard Hours = Normal standard hours for their budgeted position
      • Pay Period Base Salary, Actual Annual Compensation, and Actual Earnable Compensationn
  • Do not report payroll data during the period a member is on a Board-Approved Qualifying Leave of Absence (see COMAR unless the member returned to work prior to the leave expiration date. The MSRA Form 46: Qualifying Leave of Absence is to be complete and provided to SRA prior to the leave start date. Upon completion of the leave, the member completes a MSRA Form 26 to request to purchase the leave period. The member must pay any payroll contributions that would have been due had they been working, plus interest to the billing date.
  • Do not report workers' compensation benefits as payroll wages.
  • Report retroactive salary changes using theForm 714: Prior Period Payroll Adjustment and indicate the pay periods applicable to the increase. Please contact our Payroll Manager if you find it necessary to submit a large volume of prior period payroll adjustments to coordinate special handling of this situation. The Payroll Manager's telephone number is 410-625-5581.